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Agapornis taranta PPR *turquoise*

Here are a few pictures of young PPR (partial psittacine reduction) *turquoise* Agapornis taranta. It are birds from the collection of Eric Pauwels.

DSC02367-11 DSC02366-1 DSC02363-2 DSC02359-1

4 Responses to Agapornis taranta PPR *turquoise*

  1. Tony bessell says:

    Nice birds ppr yes
    Turquoise no

  2. Moejahied Taliep says:

    Could you kindly explain why you refer to the mutation as PPR but label it as Turq? Turq is autosomal Recessive and how does it relate to PPR?

  3. Sure, for the good order, we refers to this mutation as *turquoise* (name between asterics) and that means we are not sure about the correct name and mutation.
    PPR is a group of mutations caused by a partial psittacine reduction. Turquoise is indeed an autosomal recessive mutation, allelic to the bl-locus. The turquoise phenotype is caused by psittacine reduction. That is why we label turquoise also as a mutation type PPR.

  4. Faizel Gafoor says:

    I think it’s labeled *turquoise* cause young birds could get more or less turquoise after each moult, so young will be choose selectively containing more turquoise to be paired with eg. Roseicollis *Blue* and Albino ?

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