Nieuwe mutatie – New mutation in Agapornis roseicollis

We introduced to our BVA International members in our journal of August the (new) pale mutation in Agapornis roseicollis. But we have again great news: In the upcoming October journal we will introduce another brand new mutation in Agapornis roseicollis.

In ons BVA International ledenblad van augustus introduceerden we de nieuwe pale mutatie in Agapornis roseicollis. Maar daar stopt het niet mee. In het blad van oktober zullen we opnieuw een nieuwe mutant bij Agapornis roseicollis introduceren.

U ziet het: als lid van BVA International zit je steeds op de eerste rij.

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2 Responses to Nieuwe mutatie – New mutation in Agapornis roseicollis

  1. antonio says:

    In some countries they are using jade for a D green. I don’t think they will be happy with the name jade

  2. I understand your concerns. Miriam chose that name and there is no reason not to use it. I know some breeders talk about jade for a D green, but I am afraid if we have to exclude al names that has been used wrongly there will be not many names left.
    For instance think about the misuse of the names dilute instead of pastel, dilute instead of pallid, australian cinnamon instead of pallid, faded instead of pale, laurel instead of D green etc etc
    Isn’t it time that they learn that a green bird with a dark factor is a D green and not jade. I truly believe if everybody is doing a small effort to use the international names (are there since 1999), it would be much easier for most of us AND we will look more professional for the rest of the word. Maybe something to think about???

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