*Dominant yellow* Agapornis fischeri = SL dominant greywing?

Over the last 5 years, the South-African breeder Willie Matthews, bred with *dominant yellow* Agapornis fischeri.
He kept, from day one, records from each pair / youngster.

The first years he had to get rid of the ‘split’- and other factors in the birds and after that he did lots of test matings with his “pure” birds. He came to the conclusion that it is most probably a sex-linked incomplete dominant mutation.
Typical for the sex-linked incomplete dominant mutations is that there are only SL SF females and SL SF and SL DF males. But because the females are hemizygote they express in a SL SF bird always the full colour of the mutation. (more info in my book – chapter ways of inheritance)
Every single breeding outcome of these test matings fits in the expected breeding results of SL dominant mutations.
He suspects that it is similar with the SL dominant greywing mutation in the barred parakeet, aka lineolated parakeet or Catherine parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola).

To be 100% sure, we would like to ask all the breeders who think they have proof to the contrary, to get in touch with us.

If we can confirm this with other breeding results, it is self-evident that we continue to use the name SL dominant greywing for this mutation.

So to be continued.. and thanks in advance for your possitive feedback. 🙂

5 Responses to *Dominant yellow* Agapornis fischeri = SL dominant greywing?

  1. Hi Dirk,

    Wouldn’t these also be the equivalent to the SL “Pastel” in passerines (like in the Gouldian finch – E.gouldiae)?


  2. Hi Ricardo,
    are PROBABLY the same mutations

  3. egbert says:

    Is this 100% sure?

  4. No, that is why we ask other breeders to send us more details. We need more breeding results with these *dominant yellows*, – IMPORTANT – from different breeders, before we can confirm this statement.

  5. Dwi Sulistio says:

    Bagaimana dengan adanya Lovebird dengan mata biru atau retina biru apakah itu hasil mutasi pada Lovebird

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