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*Dominant yellow* an update!

In April 2018 we published on our web blog that a South African breeder kept records of his *dominant yellow* Agapornis fischeri and he had the impression that the inheritance is Sex-Linked incomplete dominant. We asked our visitors to do some extra test matings in order to confirm / debounce this theory.

We also checked the pedigree of several *dominant yellow* Agapornis fischeri and the recent breeding outcomes of the test matings.
This revealed that the *dominant yellow* Agapornis fischeri (the onces we have here in our collections) doesn’t have a SL incomplete dominant inheritance.
So the birds in Willie’s aviary are probably a different mutation.

3 Responses to *Dominant yellow* an update!

  1. Wicus van der Merwe says:

    Very interesting Dirk, so are we any closer to the real solution for “Dominant geel” yet?

  2. Wicus van der Merwe says:

    Anything that you can share? Or maybe any of the breeders can share their experience? Very interesting subject. 🙂

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